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Accent Modification:

The PESL Accent and Pronunciation Instruction Method 

Do others have difficulty understanding you, and often ask you to repeat yourself?

Does this have a negative impact on you in social or professional environments?

Does it affect your confidence?

I am a native speaker of Standard American English; furthermore, being a second language learner myself, I share the perspective of those seeking to modify their own accent. 

The Pronouncing English as a Second Language (PESL) method is a structured and finely tuned approach to accent modification.  There is a strong likelihood that improvement in the range of 50-80% would be achieved, given that the individual puts forth the prescribed time and effort, specifically in completing the assigned practice activities, daily. Based on a detailed speech assessment, a plan is developed to address all issues affecting speech clarity, for example, pronunciation, word/syllable/sentence stress, timing, intonation, and word linking within sentences. During the course of assessment and instruction, errors in grammar will also be noted and addressed to further enhance the individual's English language skills.

13 Week Individual Course

  • This course is intended for one individual to work directly with the instructor once weekly. Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Based on assessment findings, up to 19 target sounds are addressed in addition to any accompanying issues, as noted above.

13 Week Group Course

  • This course enables two to five people to work on pronunciation errors common to the group, in addition to those unique to each individual. It is a lower cost option provided weekly for 90 minute sessions.


7 Week Individual Course​

  • This course may be an option for someone whose assessment revealed only 7 to 9 target sounds to work on. This may also be an option for someone who wishes to modify a regional American accent.

Custom Courses Available​ for:

  • Individuals

  • Groups

  • Corporations

Click below to take advantage of a brief screening​ of your English pronunciation. The results will be analyzed and shared with you at no cost. The screening findings provide a sampling of how an individual speaks English in terms of pronunciation, intonation, stress, grammar, etc.

Accent Modification: Services
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